boy sandwich
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2014-03-26 03:28:43This video is HOT...Love all 3 young men and love all 3 Cocks...Love to make a 4some with them.

2014-04-04 10:09:52your not alone there 'tallboy693' we could have a real nice time and a spunky finish

2014-01-28 22:11:43all that & NO CUM????????? ;-(

2014-02-07 08:10:44that's a pity we not seen it lovely cum!!!

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2013-12-19 01:00:02I agree it is much better being involved...I loved this vid just the all 3 and all 3 cocks...I wouldn't say no to any of them

2013-12-08 16:23:20Sandwiched between two handsome naked horny boys is my idea of heaven

2013-12-06 20:43:52great

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2013-10-13 16:36:09I WANT like that who one can do that with me u can add my face book name chhive sopov jim can u with me?

2013-10-03 12:50:49What happened to you guys? I read ALL of you comments; if it's legit, it's one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen on the internet. Did you ever start chatting on like a REAL network? Did you ever hook up? You two have been leaving messages to each other since 2011...

2013-09-11 19:32:33So fucking hard, this was great!

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2013-05-30 14:33:27Cool Shaun. I would love to fill you inside me and love cum inside me.

2013-05-23 08:11:20The only thing better than another guys cock and that is two or more other guys together

2013-05-26 17:25:31Hi Jim, No rubbers just naked flesh against flesh and that wonderful feeling as we both cum inside each other ♥♡♥

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2013-05-11 07:05:10I'm so horny too Jim

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2013-05-24 17:04:10Truly awesome and they look so suckable I would take them all the way

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2013-03-22 08:56:24Jim, Thats a shame I know I would give you good head all the way, licking, sucking and of course making you cum

2013-03-20 16:36:30Shaun. Just letting you know it all went well and we had a great time with each other but he wasn't what i what because he never been with other guy before and so we took are time to fill what he like done and i told him what i what and he did but bad thing he didn't give good head. I just wish we could had more time togther but watching you in my mine wishing we were toghter

2013-03-18 09:39:07Jim, Everyone needs someone and I know you love to be naked with another guy and enjoy that warm sensual feeling as you are held close and your cock is is being rubbed and sucked until you release that ball load for some lucking guy. Hope it works outfor you with your friend.

2013-03-15 20:39:31yes shaun i still hear and i still thinking about how it would fill with you sucking me and then put in you and fill you up witn my cum. I been out town seeing someone sorry i haven't forgot you but just need someone to due me

2013-03-03 08:02:34That+guy+is+so+hot+!!!+The+one+that+he+fucked+was+just+so+lucky!!!

2013-03-01 18:56:51Jim, still here for you and if only id been there to get that dick of yours spunking, I could do with a nice hard juicy cock to suck off right now and if you were on mine at the same time we would think we were in heaven if we kissed each other afterwards.

2013-02-24 11:42:30not many old and wrinkly guys on this web site, where you looking girl?

2013-02-23 15:09:03Shaun. I haven't heard from you and just see if you still what to have fun togther. Well let me know and i be ready for you. I been trying hold it back but watching guys fuck are so cool and i love watching them thinking it me and you and i had to pull my dick out and make it cum wishing you were hear licking it up

2013-02-17 13:11:34This is the hottest gay porn on this site. The guys are actually attractive, they're not old and wrinkly and no cheesy porn music in the background. I love the inventive positions too and the DP at the end was AWESOME! More from these guys please!

2013-02-15 15:31:02jd1953 it fun and we should due this and i had it once and it so good i love how a two guys can have fun togther

2013-02-14 08:30:10Jim, Love to right now

2013-02-13 18:29:42shaken and stired for a great time

2013-02-13 16:44:33Hay bi guy. would like to due this with you too

2013-02-13 10:48:51love that Marcel

2013-02-11 20:14:49i am married and straight all my life this i would try any ideas

2013-02-10 15:21:19Shaun. I just can't wait to fill you inside me and doing me like this. I wish we both be doing this togther soon

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2013-02-04 04:44:38younger guy and inexperienced with guys, would love a hard cock in my ass though

2013-02-01 09:13:23Jim, So do I wish we were togrther bollock naked and cumming hard for each other ♥♡♥

2013-01-31 15:51:11Dear Shaun. I so horny watching these guys have fun wishing you were hear to show me a good time. I can't wait to try this and i hope sometime we can show you what i what done and i can't wait to fill you inside me like this.

2013-01-30 15:27:11Shaun. No i just what us two for now and I what you all to myself. It been a long time since i did something like this and watch guys movies is fun and i just love watching cock on in guys ass and just thinking it was you and me doing it and it make me so hard no othe makes me this hard before. Just something watching guys is a big turn on me. So can't hold it back any more i had to pull it out and jack off wish it was you hear with me

2013-01-28 08:41:08Jim, All I expect is for us to have a good time together enjoying sex with each other doing what ever you want, no pressure and if you want a threesome with a girl joining us thats fine with me ♥♡♥

2013-01-26 15:36:01Dear Shaun. I don't know how to say this but I kinda scard to have sex with you because i not sure what you what from me. It been so long since i been with a guy and I not sure i be good enough for you and I do what sex with other guy because there time i love have sex with a girl too so i hope you can please me more then she does. I hope we both can go at it and you can show me a good time.

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2013-01-25 15:43:27That cool Shaun. I would love that and dam i so hard right now thinking about. I wish there something i could due to think of you hear with me. I been jacking off wishing you hear but it not the same.

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2013-01-24 17:18:15Hi Jim, No rubbers just naked flesh against flesh and that wonderful feeling as we both cum inside each other ♥♡♥

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2013-01-16 20:10:05Hay shaun. I think it so much nice if all clean too and it think it fll so good when it shaved. So when due you what to due this. I ready when ever you are. I been waitting for you and thinking how much fun it will be. I hope i be good enough for you

2013-01-13 09:43:43Jim, yes I do keep my playground clean shaved as its so much more sexy when guys are kissing licking and sucking down there and love to see all that cum from other guys splattered all over my cock and balls and its easier for them to lick clean. Wish I had your cock cumming on me now, im so horny and ready to fuck ♥ ♥

2013-01-13 sex is so amazing. To all you straight guys out there who are curious, stop wasting your time on women. Once you have sex with another man you will realize that you're gay and have no idea why you every liked women in the first place. I was with a girl for a long time but after I had gay sex for the first time I could never date another woman again. I couldn't dump her fast enough, lol she was so surprised, but the truth is no woman can please a man as well as another man can. Sex with a man is the epitome of pleasure and sexual fulfillment.

2013-01-11 16:27:43 Shaun That sound so hot. I'm 5'11 and i have about 7in cock and i would love to due a 69 with you and fill your cock inside me. I hope you like shave cock because i shave mine. I just what to make you cum so bad and dam i have watch this wish we were doing this now.

2013-01-09 16:49:19Shaun. I wish i had a warm body too. I would love to fill you next to me and having you slow put your dick in my month and you have my dick in your month too. I wish we could due each other like you what and I so hard right now thinking of you. I wish i could see what you look llike and so when i jack off i could could think of you you and me togther

2013-01-09 08:53:20Jim, Nothing beats that moment of ecstasy when you start to cum and unload inside your guy and I am a considerate lover and always let my partner satisfy themselves too. Wish I had a warm body on top of me right now my cock is so in need of attention. ♥ ♥

2013-01-04 09:58:45i d like to be in the midle!!!!! more than extra

2013-01-02 16:00:31That sound good Shaun. I would love to go slow at first. It been a long time since i had this done. I sitting hear rubbing my dick wishing you were hear. I just so hard and i can't wait to be with you and fill you inside me. I hope some day we can be togther and unload like this guys are.

2012-12-28 18:13:24Does anybody know these god damn good yummy kids?

2012-12-27 09:11:11Jim, I would go as slow or as fast as you like. If you are hard and horny and can deliver a nice load then thats good enough for me, I would cum plenty for you too. Happy to 69 or whatever, love cock and love to share cum. ♥ ♥

2012-12-25 01:33:15That sound so good to me. There just something about how you know what i would love to be done to me is making me so honey. I wish you could see what you to me. I just getting so hard thinking about it. I just hope I'm good enough for you. I only did this once and i love it and that night i didn't i was going though a brake up with my wife and just something he new how to make me fill so good. I thinking about all the time when i jack off and wish you were hear to clean it up and maybe you let me cum in your ass too. I only had that done once so if we ever get a chance go slow please

2012-12-22 10:53:58Jim ... What these boys do we can do better. Stripping you slowly and kissing ever part of your body as it becomes available and then to hold your hard cock and feel those big balls would be fantastic and of course sucking that rod until you ejaculate in my hungry mouth, wow that would be amazing ♥ ♥

2012-12-21 15:23:31Shaun. I went there and i still like this sight and wish this was us two and i can't wait to see what you like to due to me.

2012-12-19 19:35:08Hay Shaun. I did what you say it was ok. I wish we both could be togther. I wish some how i could come and see you. Well for now i have to watch these guys having fun togther wishing it was me and you

2012-12-17 08:56:50Jim, type the title in the search box at the top. In the mean time have fun

2012-12-16 15:06:29Dear Shaun. I can't wait to be with you and I hope you can show me a good time and dam i just so horny I have to pull my dick and rub it thinking it you and i hope I be good enough for you

2012-12-15 15:36:48Shaun how you get to that kink. I love watching this thinking it us have fun and can't. I hope i going be good enough for you because it been a long time since i did this with other guy.

2012-12-14 09:39:33Jim.''hot couple fucking the french connection'' is the correct link

2012-12-14 09:34:31Jim, It can be dificult at times avoiding premature ejaculation especially when thinking of you and your stiff cock with me. With a guy I like to take it slowly. Take a look at ''hot couple fucking-the french'' this is how to do it and make it last. Now I must have a wank, write soon ♥ ♥

2012-12-13 15:34:28I have have a quesiton. I like to know how you can control it so long everytime i play with myself thinking of you i cum so fast. I so horney i can't stand it so hope you don't mine me cumming wishing you were here with me. I wsih you were hear with me Shaun.

2012-12-06 09:28:43Jim, what a thrill it would be to strip each other slowly and feel your hard cock as we rub them together and then lie down on my bed in a 69 sucking the sperm out of each other. Oh Jim I would love to empty your balls, tasting and swallowing your lovely cum would be the best ever sensation but for now I will just have to carry on wanking my eight incher alone and cumming all over myself. ♥ ♥

2012-12-05 15:14:28Shaun.That ok you had to feleive yourself because i had to due the same. I keep thinking of you wish you were hear. I wish i could have you hear sucking me and fucking me so bad. I hope some day I can let you suck me like you what too

2012-12-04 16:44:42Hi Jim, wish I was with you now as my dick is really hard and together we could suck and fuck for hours enjoying our big cocks and tasting each others love juices, got to releive myself now before I have an accident everywhere. ♥ ♥

2012-12-03 18:21:00Shaun. That be frist thing because thinking of how good it would fill have sucking my dick right now. It so hard i can't wait to have you suck me.

2012-12-02 13:05:50Jim ... Wanking each other off is fun but would be sucking and enjoying some man juices first. ♥ ♥

2012-12-01 15:07:36Shaun. That sound so hot. I would be glad to join you and your pal in a three way sometime. Just thinking about is making me so hard. I can't wait to try it out. I wish we could get togther and have fun sometime. Well If i could be there i would help you wanking off and i wish you were here to due me too.

2012-11-30 11:07:24Jim. Love a sandwich with you and my pal, we could suck and fuck each other all night and enjoy loads of man juices as we make each other cum, dam it's got me so horny thinking about us all together that I have got a right old hard on and i'll just have to go and wank wishing you were here to help. .♥ ♥

2012-11-28 15:11:28Dear Shaun. I would love to been there with you guys. I been so lonly it suck out hear and i getting so board that i need something new in my life. I don't mine doing myself but dam watching this over and over is getting me horny and waiting for use to get togther and i would love to fill my cock in you. I would love to due a 69 with you so bad

2012-11-23 16:50:44Jim.. I wish you had been here with me last night when a friend of mine called to see me and we soon got naked and were talking about threesomes and all I could think of was you joining in our fun as my hard cock was being sucked off, if only I could have been sucking you at the same time, wow the thought of it was enough to make me shoot a hugh load.♥ ♥

2012-11-22 16:19:37Dear Shaun. That sound so good. I wish you was hear and me and you doing this togther. I would love to have you hear with me and show me this. I only had this done with two other guys and he showed me alot. I getting so hard thinking us two tother i had to let a load go this morning thing of you. I wish you were sucking me and me suck you too then put your dick in me.

2012-11-22 08:11:53Jim.. Nothing better than two fit guys naked holding each other close, cocks pressed together against each other and the sure knowledge that pretty soon those cocks are going to cum for each other. The excitment builds as you take hold of your buddies dick and slowly wank it and watching as clear pre-cum oozes from the tip and lubricates that throbbing penis followed by a massive ejaculation of warm spunk that you just have in your mouth quickly matched as your own moment of perfect sexual pleasure, the tension builds and suddenly you cum as your lovers lips encircle your rock hard slippery shaft and you pump out a massive amount of sperm. It is usually followed by some serious kissing and swallowing before falling asleep together well and trully satisfied ♥ ♥

2012-11-21 15:09:42Dear Shaun. I just been thinking what it would fill like and dam i get hard just thing of you and us doing a 69 with each other and i wish i could show you what you due to me and just filling you against my body. I hope we can get togther and have fun.

2012-11-17 12:16:10Jim... You always make me feel horny when I see your comments and I have just blown a load all over myself as i imagined us in a 69 sucking each other off. ♥ ♥

2012-11-16 20:28:30Jim, Shaun, I'm an older bi-curious man. Would love to take you two to bed, undress you, feel up your cute asses, then squeeze your penises and draw the boy juice out of your nuts. Will you teach me how to fuck?

2012-11-16 16:05:51Dear Shaun. That be so great and I would love to have you sucking my dick and I would love to put my dick into you and fill you up with my cum. So for now i keep watching this thinking of you. Dam i so horney i need to get laid.

2012-11-16 10:29:59Jim ... Right now I would love to lay down having you on my bed stradling my chest as I suck your cock and feel your balls until you cum that lovely cream just for me and yes you can fuck me hard and I will do you the same ♥ ♥

2012-11-11 00:17:03Horny talk here... Well, i hope i can join u guys in a threesome. You two can cum in my horny ass. Totally into it right now.

2012-11-09 21:36:59i love suck that cock eat some cum and get fuck in my ass too buddy

2012-11-08 20:34:22Dear Shaun wish we could get togther and love to have you suck my dick and let me lub you up and fuck you and let me cum in your ass

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2012-11-04 15:14:12Dear Shaun. I would love to cum in your mouth and let you lick my balls

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2012-10-30 08:09:01Jim... It's time U and I got together and sucked some cock ♥

2012-10-27 14:30:03I wish i was too

2012-10-12 18:56:43rikisiimo

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2012-08-26 10:32:33I'm jealous. All 3 are gorgeous and beautiful. Delicious tasting bodies, I bet.

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2012-06-08 08:36:28realmensuck, just like you and your bf, my boyfriend snd I spend a lot of naked time together sucking each others cocks and balls. it's good to see other like minded couples, we cant resist each other when our cocks are hard no matter how many times we have fucked each other and a session always ends with a good mouthful of spunk.

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2012-05-28 16:47:16thanks 'REALMENSUCK' it's nice to know others love oral just like us and I hope your getting plenty

2012-05-26 02:01:11ify and Jim, we have followed your online conversation and find most of it interesting. My man and I take turns sucking cock and thinking about you guys. Hope you find a way to meet (meat) eachother. Good luck.

2012-05-04 16:09:44Never ending sex for these lucky guys

2012-05-02 05:23:24This is really hot! but where is the ending?

2012-04-10 23:41:51i want to be there with all of you

2012-04-08 14:04:32o.o I must say, I enjoy the smooth strokes near the end, when you're drawing close to release. Its rather yummy to say that you got off just by gliding between the tight region of a chair back. =3 Good video.

2012-04-06 14:42:45cut the background music--just the actual sounds of jacking-off and breathing. damned be the jumpy music.

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2012-03-20 23:12:39Dear ify would you like to due this with me sometime

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